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Spiritual Gifts Oracle Reading

Do you feel stuck? Are you confused about your purpose? Are looking for ways to level up?

These readings are so fun! We get to talk and learn about you! Best of all, you will walk away with clarity! 

You don't have to take a test, fill out a questionnaire, or study for this advice. The Spiritual Gifts Oracle Reading uses your energy, in a safe and encouraging space, to provide powerful and clear messages.

Your soul's energy is made up of your strengths, your desires, and the things that come easy to you and no one else. Knowing what your spiritual gifts provide you a clear and focused direction for walking in your purpose. 

I help you to understand, define, recognize and use your spiritual gifts. This reading is often re-affirming the strengths you already know about yourself, but perhaps take for granted. The Spiritual Gifts Oracle Reading is an essential tool for leveling up.


  • Timeframe: 60-Minutes
  • Fee: $150
  • Number of People: 1
  • Location Options: Phone, Facetime, Zoom, In-Person
  • How to Prepare for your Reading: Be open in your mind and your heart
  • Includes: I will educate you about your soul energy versus reactive energy, and explain how to remain in your soul's energy to access your spiritual gifts. You will pull cards from the Oracle Deck. I will then explain what the general meaning of the card is and provide what visions,  messages and/or guidance is specifically for you with each specific card.

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with what you're interested in booking and I'll get back to you shortly.