About Kate

I am a survivor and an observer. But if I dig a little deeper, I am a seer, and I always have been.

I have known for quite some time that I have a special gift. Some people call it being sensitive or intuitive, but as I live my life and explore my gifts, I have learned it is so much more.

Somewhere along the way, I started receiving messages from people many years ago. And what began as several isolated flickering of images seemed to transform into a steady series overnight. 

They became more difficult to ignore. As a young girl stepping into her purpose early on, my most bravest act to date was having the courage to share.

As a kid, I dreamed. Lived for fun and loved radically - still do. And at that time, my greatest joy came from basketball and watching my Mom thrive at nearly anything, perfectly. 

I wanted to be like my Mom. She was strong and knowledgeable about everything, it seemed to me. She was creative and artistic as well as athletic and capable. My Mom could grow any plant, and she was a natural with animals. I've always admired that of my mother. 

However, I have learned that the approach she took in fostering growth for plants she cared for was much like the love she extended to me. It was what she knew; it was safe, it was still, something that could be watched at a distance but loved when needed.

We had many fights when I began voicing what I wanted in my life. And our ideals and perception of growth and love were not the same. I never doubted the love, it was always the how and the approach, but most importantly - it was the acceptance. Because I wanted nothing more than to love and accept people as they are on their journey.

My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer in June 2019. She passed away, December 1, 2019. We both loved each other, and that was enough.

While we were sorting through her belongings, I ran across some letters she had written to loved ones. She had one for my sister, her brother, and her sister. And there was not a letter for me. I was upset and felt disconnected again. I know she didn't know what to say.

A few friends suggested that it might be a good idea to write a letter from my Mom that I would have wanted to receive. I waited until I thought I could write it as a healed heart would. Included is a tiny but mighty part of an open letter I wrote to myself on behalf of my mother.

I feel like if I had been embraced, I would have grown into a Mother who could embrace your gifts. I see your gifts, and I am awestruck by what you can do and so glad to see you going so far with them

I recount those experiences and think about the times my mother and I shared. And little by little, each day, and with every interaction, I am learning not only from my beautiful boys, but really great individuals on what it feels likes when you are loved and seen and heard and accepted for the person you are and even the one you're growing into. 

The Oracle's Message is a testament (nod) of what it looks like when love leads. It is a journey, one that is unique for each individual. It is clarity that guides you toward your purpose, and it is your truth that will bring you back to the very best version of yourself.

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