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Professional Question Oracle Reading

Are you new to readings and not sure where to start? Feeling stuck in your career? Need a quick and direct answer regarding your business? 

This is your chance to ask the universe for the answers you need, in a convenient and discrete way.

Whether your questions are about a professional relationship, a career decision requiring a choice or related to your own business, this is a great starting point when you're looking for specific answers.  

  • Timeframe: Answer provided within 24-hours
  • Fee: $35
  • Number of Questions: 1
  • Location Options: Text or Email
  • How to Prepare for your Reading: Be open in your mind and your heart.  Understand that your question may need to be reframed to get the answer that matches your intention.  
  • Includes: Based on the question, I will pull up to 5 Oracle Cards. A text/email will be sent to you with each picture of the card, in the order of the cards pulled, with a description of what each card means, and how the cards work together to answer your question. 

Text 615-788-1608 or 

with what you're interested in booking and I'll get back to you shortly.