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Personal Question Oracle Reading

Are you new to readings and not sure where to start? Feeling stuck in your personal life? Need some quick and direct answers? 

This is your chance to ask the universe for the answers you need in a convenient and discrete way.

Whether your questions are about a relationship, a future opportunity or a challenging decision, this is a great starting point when you're looking for a specific answer.  

  • Timeframe: Answer provided within 24-hours
  • Fee: $35
  • Number of Questions: 1
  • Location Options: Text or Email
  • How to Prepare for your Reading: Be open in your mind and your heart.  Understand that your question may need to be reframed to get the answer that matches your intention.  
  • Includes: Based on the question, I will pull up to 5 Oracle Cards. A text/email will be sent to you with each picture of the card, in the order of the cards pulled, with a description of what each card means, and how the cards work together to answer your question. 

Text 615-788-1608 or 

with what you're interested in booking and I'll get back to you shortly.