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Business Oracle Reading

Have specific questions that need answers to help your business? Are you at a crossroads professionally or have a need for clarity with your business strategy? 

This is a transformative reading for entrepreneurs and business professionals who need clarity, advice with their next-steps, or direction to make those essential decisions for the company's overall success.


  • Timeframe: 1-Hour
  • Fee: $250
  • Number of People:1-2
  • Location Options: Phone, Facetime, Zoom, In-Person
  • How to Prepare for Your Reading: Make a list of 5-10 Questions (i.e. career, employees, partners, a board of directors) & be open in your mind and your heart
  • Includes:  We will first use energy cards and educate you regarding your reactive and soul energy. If there is more than one person in this reading, you will each pull from the Energy Oracle Cards, where we will review your individual energies and how your energies work together. I will then explain the general meaning of the card and provide what visions,  messages and/or guidance are specifically for you and/or your business, with respect to each card. We will review and answer your 5-10 business-related questions based on the answers you are requesting.

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with what you're interested in booking and I'll get back to you shortly.