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A Year Ahead Oracle Reading

Wanting to plan ahead for next year? Ready to make changes, but not sure where to start? 

The end of one year and the beginning of another is a chance to start over. An opportunity to do things differently. For many, it's believed to be a rebirth.

If you are looking ahead to the new year and yearning for a way to set yourself up for success, added growth, and evolution, this is the oracle reading for you.

During this experience, I will provide you with the answers from a 12-card Oracle Deck pull. We will discuss details regarding your relationships, career, and spiritual growth.

This is a safe space to ask questions that you’ve been curious about, in a supportive setting. Here’s your chance to deepen your connection and awareness.

Contact me today to prepare for what is ahead of you!


  • Timeframe: 1-Hour
  • Fee: $150
  • Number of People: 1
  • Location Options: In-Person
  • How to Prepare for your Reading: Be open in your mind and your heart
  • Includes: 12-card Oracle Deck pull with break-out details for relationships, career, and spiritual growth. 
  • Each Additional Hour: $125/hour

Text 615-788-1608 or 

with what you're interested in booking and I'll get back to you shortly.