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Halloween Party Psychic Reading

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? Are you looking for an exciting experience for your guests, at your next Halloween Party?

Whether your business is looking to provide a fun & unique experience for your customers or you want to create a memorable Halloween Party at your house, I bring the spooky psychic experience that is just what your party needs. 

Whether you believe in goblins or ghosts, I provide a psychic reading with personalized information for each participant. And of course, I will be dressed in my favorite Halloween costume, designed to heightened your Halloween experience! 

Contact me today to be a memorable part of your next Nashville Halloween Party experience. 

*If you are looking to add crystals to your group event or party with 10 or more people, please email me at for a quote*


  • Timeframe: 2-3 Hours
  • Fee: $350 
  • Number of People: 4+
  • Location Options: In-Person
  • How to Prepare for your Reading: Be open in your mind and your heart
  • Includes: Each participant/guest will individually take turns meeting with me, to pull cards from the special Halloween Oracle Deck. I will then explain the general meaning of the card and provide what visions, psychic messages, and/or guidance are meant for them. *Number of cards pulled subject to time availability and the number of participants. 
  • Each Additional Hour: $125/hour

Text 615-788-1608 or 

with what you're interested in booking and I'll get back to you shortly.